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Eric Plantenberg
Boldly Go In The Direction of Your Heart!
by Anthony On September 8, 2014

What holds most people back from experiencing all the joys of life are the fears of failing or falling short.  The key to moving through that is to crack your heart wide open to vulnerability!!

It’s the ability to be vulnerable to failure and rejection that  gives you the courage to move when you heart asks you to. It is these moments of opening up to vulnerability are what life is made up of.  Get off the sidelines and jump into life. If you are excited about propelling your life forward, some degree of vulnerability and risk is required.
So go for it! Post below where you are boldly headed, and remember that the universe is supporting you every step of the way.
be free!


Don’t Get Stuck on the Why
by eric On August 25, 2014

Sometimes figuring out Why can be extremely detrimental to creating positive results. Feel free to tweet that:  

Being clear on why you are going to do things in the future is extremely important.   Seeing the bigger picture of what is in front of you adds energy and is one of the most powerful sources of internal motivation.

Dwelling on why something isn’t happening the way you’d like it to be is largely counter-productive.  Your focus is taken off of the solution and the problem looms in your sight of vision.  What you see is what you look for

The exception to that of course is learning from the past or learning from mistakes.  I’m all for learning from what didn’t happen as planned AFTER a solution has been found.  If the solution is not apparent and you need to learn from the current challenge before moving on, great.  Just make sure that you aren’t getting stuck in what’s not working along the way.

be free!


Compromise – When To Use It & When It Is Ineffective
by eric On August 17, 2014

Two weeks ago Michelle and I shared with you, “What To Do if Your Partner is Not on The Same Page as You Are with Goals.”  From that, many questions were asked about the concept of compromise.

Compromise – A concession that is mutually made by both partners.

So here are the Do’s and Don’ts…

When To Use It

Compromise is great for short term actions where you and the other person involved are working towards the same goal.  For example…if the goal is to eat dinner and one person wants Italian and the other Mexican…compromise is great because in the end you both end up with full stomachs.

When It Is Ineffective

Don’t compromise on your emotional state or on your bigger picture vision of where you want to take your life.  If your partner is stuck, or if you are the one stuck, on connecting with someone else’s goals, start by asking, “What is behind getting stuck; or, What is the other person afraid of?”

The two most common responses are: Continue reading ›

What to do When Your Partner doesn’t Support your Goals – Michelle and Eric Plantenberg
by eric On August 4, 2014

Take responsibility for your dreams and goals.

It’s not about requiring permission from your partner, it’s about finding permission within yourself.

Most goals fall in one of two buckets…they are either temporary endeavors or significant life style changes.  Clarity about which bucket you are operating from is super important.  If you are passionate about a temporary endeavor, then dive in.  It is unlikely that you and your partner will have the exact same goals at the same time…therefore an unfair expectation for you to require your partner to fully support you.

On the flip side, when you notice resistance to your partners goals, question whether it is about control or just about not being on the same page.  A great temperature gauge for this is your state, something I talk about in my Tedx talk, The Anatomy of Results.

Above all, be true to yourself.  Honor your feelings about the situation.  Question your resistance or your need for partner support; then give yourself permission to chase after the things you are passionate about.

Post below what questions you have for Michelle and I, we’d love to hear form you.

be free!


The Backside of Flexibility
by Anthony On July 21, 2014

Possibilities are endless if you are open to finding flexibility in your life. Feel free to tweet that:  

When you find yourself in a bind, take a moment to challenge your limiting thoughts.

Allowing your mind the space to be creative and flexible will open up new experiences and possibilities.  You might be surprised how much more you are capable of with a little flexibility.

Post below where you find flexibility supportive in your life, I’d love to hear from you.

be free!

Am I Delusional
by eric On July 14, 2014

After being sentenced to a year in prison last week, people are rightfully wondering why i am so happy.  This video pretty much sums it up.

Today, in this exact moment of your life, there is nothing wrong.  You truly have everything you need.  The most painful moments occur when you are thinking about the past, or projecting into the future.  Allow your mind to wander away from the should/could/would or what if’s … and simply find gratitude in your present moment.

Secondly, take time to put things into perspective.  Many of life’s obstacles appear to be much larger than they really are when you are in the present moment.  With some time and perspective you are likely to see life’s challenges as “good to know” moments rather than unsurmountable obstacles.

Post below what questions or comments you have about coping and turning lemons to lemonade…I’d love to hear from you.

be free!

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When You Have a Choice, and When You Don’t
by eric On July 6, 2014

Mentally categorize what you do and do not have choice over.

When it comes life, you are in control…most of the time.  However, there are definitely things that you simply don’t have a choice in.  The weather is a great example of this…for more personal examples regarding choice and what to do when the choice is simply not up to you, click on the video image below.

When it comes to choice: Navigate when you can and let go when you can’t. Feel free to tweet that:  

Above all, find gratitude in each moment.

be free!

Three Minutes that Create Incredible Momentum
by eric On June 29, 2014

Kick off your day with positive momentum by reading something inspirational or educational every morning. Feel free to tweet that:  

Immediately when you wake up your brain waves per second are much slower than they will be the rest of your waking day – this is when you are most receptive to programming your mind. Utilize this time to make an intentional impression on your thinking.

By reading just three minutes in the morning you will positively influence countless thoughts that will occur throughout the course of your day.

Positive influence can create lasting momentum…

What are you reading to kick off your morning on a positive note?

be free!

NOTE: at :37 into the video i incorrectly describes the mind being in the Beta State … when in fact what i was describing was the Alpha State. Here is a great article on brain waves.

What Colored Glasses Do You Wear In Your Relationships
by Joy On June 24, 2014

No one sets an intention to create and maintain unhappy relationships…so why is it that so many relationships are this way?

Whether you are currently challenged in a personal or professional relationship, Diana has three tools for you to implement. The video below discuss these tools and sheds light on how to turn a downward spiraling relationship into an upward spiraling one.

1. Remain Centered – Reacting from a triggered state sets the other person up for more of the same defense mechanisms. Respond in kindness and look for your triggers.

2. Avoid Getting Triggered Yourself – Awareness of your own triggers allows you the ability to switch out of the blame and angered state more quickly.

3. Respond To the Other Persons Need First – When you respond with love and empathy to the other persons need it defuses the subconscious fears running their defense mechanism and angered tone.

It is not that any of these are easy tasks to master, but all helpful tools to move you away from the downwards spiral that causes so much unhappiness in relationships.

To identify your own triggers, start by asking yourself the following 4 questions:

What is triggering me?
What am I afraid of?
What else is under the fear?
What do I need to heal in me so I don’t respond like this in the future?

Post below how these tools support your relationships, i’d love to read about them.


Deal with the Pain – Expand Your Comfort Zone!
by eric On June 22, 2014

Definitely sit in silence.
Absolutely meditate.
Then, jump the heck outside of your comfort zone!
 Feel free to tweet that:  

Stepping outside of your comfort zone, whether in athletics, in the board room, or in your personal relationships, will expand your capacity.

You train your body both emotionally and physically…so kindly train it to endure a little bit of pain.  You will find that a little bit of pain on the front end results in an expansive amount of capacity and strength on the back end.

Where will you stretch your self this week?  Post below or email me with any questions, I’d love to keep this conversation going.

be free!

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