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When planning doesn’t work – with Michelle Plantenberg
by eric On September 23, 2012

Your plans work out sometimes … and sometimes they don’t.  The ability to go with the flow and make adjustments in your mental picture – while remaining grateful is a critical component of getting great results and having fun along the way.


Michelle shares some of her experiences having life not go as planned – and how to make the best of any situation.

Going with the flow and being grateful for any and all situations can be easy to get theoretically… KNOWING  that what you need is what is showing up in your life and living from that awareness is more challenging – and more rewarding.

Here are two practical ways that you can shift any situation from the stress of your plans not happening as you pictured to something you are truly grateful for:

1.  Write down at least three reasons why the situation you are in is a good thing.  Why is it good for you?  For others?  For the world in general?  Actually write them down … my experience is that writing down is much more real and powerful than only thinking about them.

2.  Take time to breath.  Five or more conscious breaths will calm the mind.  Oxygenate the body and reduce stress inside and out.   Stressful thoughts manifest in the body very quickly.  By breathing the mind and the body get a break … space is created and gratitude can fill that space.

Have a terrific week.  I’m excited for all of your plans to work out just as planned!  And i’m equally excited for them not to!!

be free!



  1. Chuck Dress

    Thank you, Eric and Michelle. This came at a perfect time for me. With my daughter going back in the hospital, i had major plans of her getting better and the things we would start doing again together. Obvious disappoitment with the setback but listening to this helps. Thank you.

  2. Wendy Adkisson

    Eric and Michelle, what a profound message to remember to be grateful in the moment versus waiting for some unknown time in the future when you can look back and appreciate what happened with a different perspective. I have a sincere belief that things happen as they should, even though we can’t always appreciate it at the time. So making an effort to do so is a lesson we can all be reminded of occasionally. Thank you!

  3. Aaron

    Thanks guys! I did not get to listening to this until today, and things have not been going as expected this week. The timing was good listening to this today, and would have probably been better on Monday…
    I am wound up really tight about issues around the safety of my kids while they are with my ex, and after taking those 5 deep breaths I do feel more grounded. Things are in place to have my situation resolved today already, before listening to this audio, and your words are helping me to calm myself during the process.


    I am really looking forward to seeing you in March!

  4. Janna

    What also works for me as a way to avoid the “oh, poor me” state of mind is to think of at least one example when my plans have worked out exactly as intended or even better. These insights help me to view my experiences as the ocean’s ebb and flow – natural, recurring, beautiful, and, ultimately representing a gift of life.

    Thanks for your thoughts, guys!

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