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Live Programs
by eric On February 14, 2012

Speaker School

This is the first year that Freedom Personal Development is opening their Speaker School up to the public. For over ten years we have been holding Speaker Schools for our staff and we are thrilled to be sharing this training with anyone who would like to give amazing presentations.

The Abundant Living Retreat

This is Eric’s favorite space to work & play in!  This intensive retreat is unlike any other personal development program on the planet.  Unplug from your life for  four days and plug into you!  You will find answers to you life’s toughest and most meaningful questions and tap into an internal power that will propel your career, finances, health and relationship forward in the most remarkable way.

Essence of State

Your state of mind and state of Being impact your success more than any other factor.  This highly interactive workshop will help you take this ethereal topic and make it tangible.  You will walk away knowing how to elevate your state in any situation.

Opening To Abundance 

In this enlightening workshop you will slow down, focus, and purposely plan out your life.  You will clarify your goals and intentions in a way that permanently shifts your ability to create the life YOU want to live.

Feeling On Top of The World

This 30-90 minute keynote presentation will take participants from Eric’s climb to the summit of Mt. Everest to whatever summit they are striving to achieve in their own lives.  Filled with amazing photographs, chilling stories, and empowering life lessons, this keynote amazes audiences from 50 to 5,000.

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your story.  It was the most,  AUTHENTIC, SINCERE and down to earth presentations I’ve ever seen in my life.  Thank you for your sincerity, wisdom and blessings.  You have made an awesome difference in my life! “


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